The Dojo

The dojo was founded in 1986 by Sensei Joe Fournier.

Since then, Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts has expanded into schools in New Brunswick and Florida and continues to be an active member of Kokusai Butoku Kai of Canada.

Sensei Fournier, Sempai McDonough and Sempei Clark have created a family environment where people of all ages, physical conditions, and martial arts experience can spend time together learning ancient and new techniques and skills while enjoying a true “team” experience. Each student, young and old, receives extensive one-on-one and group instruction, and every class brings new knowledge and experience while building on previous lessons. Each class session provides a combination cardio-vascular, core strength, and full-body workout.

New Hombu Dojo in Fonthill

In November 2017, Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts of Fonthill moved to a new centrally-located facility. The space at 1414 Pelham St., Fonthill is situated in the Fonthill Baptist Church at the corner of Churchill and Pelham St. The facility is complete with change rooms, office, storage, large training area, outside training space plus ample free parking. For map and directions, see Fonthill Location.