The Essence of Kata

  • Kata is a series of movements designed for fighting multiple opponents one at a time.
  • Be aware of these six areas when training your forms:
    1. Eyes
    2. Pace
    3. Breathing
    4. Technique
    5. Focus
    6. Ki
  • Kata will improve your speed and balance, your posture and contact, and your technique and coordination, if you train consistently.
  • Only Sensei or a designated higher belt (with Sensei’s permission) can show a kyu belt a new kata.
  • A good way to train a kata is to do it four times easy; making sure all moves are correct, and then do it one time hard with proper pace and ki.
  • Most forms begin with a block.
  • Try to visualize what you are doing when you do the kata. This will help you to understand it better.
  • Steps to follow when learning a kata.
    • Learn the schematics of the form (the moves).
    • Learn the proper pace of the form.
    • Learn to do the form without thinking.
    • Become one with the kata.
  • If you have any questions about a kata that has been taught, ask a higher belt about it.
  • All katas start and end with the heels on the “enbusen” mark.
  • Most katas end by stepping away from your opponent. This symbolizes that you have left your opponent alive.
  • The Karate kata demands complete concentration and maximum effort from its practitioner. Kata is more difficult than sparring, because you must be in absolute control of the action. Kata is used by masters to hand down their techniques over the ages. This fact in itself should give us reason to practice katas. The essence of karate is the KATA.
  • Practice your katas faithfully. The qualities and characteristics of your life become very visible to a trained and experienced Sensei.