Dojo Student Etiquette

Since you are now a karate student and are about to acquire a new discipline, you should know that there are a few guidelines to make it easier for you to study karate in the traditional manner.

  • Do not forget to sign your attendance card every time you attend class (Fonthill only).
  • Eating candy or chewing gum is prohibited while inside the dojo.
  • Remember to bow upon entering the dojo.
  • The Sensei is to be addressed at all times as “Sensei”. This rule also applies outside the Dojo. All other Black Belts should be referred to as “Sempai” by all kyu belt students.
  • When given a direct instruction by Sensei, or a Sempai, you should respond with “OSS” in acknowledgement. If you do not understand the instruction, ask for clarification.
  • Should your uniform (gi) come undone while in class, you are to turn away and fix your belt or gi. You are required to keep your gi clean and you must repair any tears.
  • If you are unwell in class, raise your hand, address the instructor and asked to be excused. Never leave the dojo floor without permission.
  • If people are sitting in the waiting area of the dojo, observing class, refrain from talking with them during class. There will be plenty of time for this after.
  • You are one of many. Be neat and show your pride for your dojo by keeping your things tidy.
  • All jewellery must be removed before training.
  • If you will be away on holiday, if you are sick or if you would like to discontinue your training for a short while, please advise the dojo.
  • Your karate dues are to be paid on time. It is your word and your responsibility. If you are unable to pay your dues on time, please advise your instructor to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Grading fees are separate from your dues. A grading fee of $40 applies to all kyu belt gradings. This fee should be paid PRIOR to the grading day.
  • You should never ask about your grading. You will be informed by Sensei or one of the Sempais at the appropriate time.
  • Students should always be respectful towards one another, both inside and outside of the dojo.
  • Higher belts (blue, brown, black) will assist lower belts (white, yellow, orange, green) at all times, when requested by Sensei or one of the Sempais. Your co-operation is expected.
  • Do not criticize other martial arts or other martial artists.
  • No karate ka (student) will provoke violence or allow themselves to be provoked into violence.
  • No sparring will be allowed without the express permission of the Sensei or highest-ranking Black Belt present in dojo if Sensei is not present.
  • No loud talking or profanity is permitted. The dojo is a serious place for serious study.
  • Personal hygiene is essential.
  • No students are permitted to teach any form of our “Martial Arts” to non- members or lower belts, unless otherwise stated by Sensei.
  • If dojo etiquette is not respected, it is at the Dojo Sensei’s discretion to suspend any offending member.


Remember karate starts and ends with courtesy and respect for each other at all times, inside and outside of the dojo.