Self Defence

Fournier Dojo – FonthillSelf defence is less a fighting style and more a way of thinking. The singular premise being to survive the encounter. Drawing on a variety of sources, students of Sensei Fournier’s learn a comprehensive set of self defence tactics that when put to the test can save lives.
Make no mistake – you will not see flashy spinning kicks or board breaking. As has been said many times: people are seldom attacked by trees! Board breaking looks great but is not very practical. Our system focuses on short, efficient techniques that create an opportunity to escape. Once you are able to escape continuing to fight serves no purpose.

Our philosophy is simple: ‘The first rule of self defence is: DON’T BE THERE

A Balanced Approach

As mixed martial arts have gained notoriety in popular culture, the demand for ground-based fighting schools has grown. However, the idea of exclusively fighting on the ground or exclusively standing does not hold up when faced with practical self defence. Anyone who has ever had to defend themselves knows, a confrontation may begin standing, but will inevitably end up on the ground. A balanced approach to stand-up fighting, falling, ground tactics, and returning to standing is far more desirable.

All of our students start with the basic techniques of falling safely, and getting up safely. We learn to protect ourselves under any circumstances, and that includes recognizing danger and avoiding it in the first place.