What is a Dojo?

Answer: A Dojo is a training hall.

Who is Sensei?

Answer: Normally, the highest-ranking black belt in the (Dojo) school is the only person referred to as Sensei, in and outside the Dojo. However, if the ranking black belt recognizes a person within the organization as Sensei, than you are expected to follow his or her example.

What do you refer to the other black belts as?

Answer: All other black belts are referred to as “Sempai” (Senior Instructor), in and outside the Dojo.

What do you do in the Dojo when you want to ask Sensei or a Sempai a question?

Answer: Proper etiquette dictates you should always bow to the Sensei or Sempai before asking a question.

How many times a week should you train?

Answer: Twice a week is sufficient to show a regular progress. If you want to come more often that’s great.

What do you need to know about advancing (Getting a new belt)?

Answer: When a student is ready to advance you are invited by the dojo to take part in a grading. You are responsible to pay your grading fee ($40 cash only) PRIOR to grading day.