Shorinji Ryu

The Shorinji Ryu system taught at Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts was created by O’Sensei Richard Kim. The system incorporates Karate, Kobudo, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Jiu Jitsu, and more. O’Sensei believed that each art offered something to a well-developed martial artist.

Thus the system of karate taught is known as Kim’s Shorinji Ryu Karate and should not to be confused with Shorinji Kempo, or other systems that legitimately bear the name “Shorinji”. Shorinji is actually a combination of two Japanese words: Shorin (Temple), and Ji (Order). The Chinese pronunciation of Shorin is more readily recognized – Shaolin. All martial arts ultimately derive from the origin of the Shaolin Monks, specifically Bodhidharma, so there are many legitimate styles that bare the name Shorinji. Ryu simply translates as “style”.

Shorinji Ryu is a traditional system of Japanese karate. While elements have been added to the overall system, the lessons that are taught today are as true to the original as possible. Katas make up a substantial portion of our training and although we have adopted the modern teaching katas such as the “Pinan” series, older katas such as Seisan, Yaru Kushanku, and Matsumura Patsai are still taught today.

We pride ourselves on staying true to the traditional lessons that have been passed down from teacher to student.