We enrolled our 6 year old son at Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts. Overall, we appreciate the culture in this Dojo. Sensei Fournier is thoughtful, knowledgable and best of all available to his students. As he should, he sets high expectations for his students but ensures they have the tools required for everyone to achieve their individual success. What stands out for us, is the amount of support that is given to our young son. From his first day onward, students of higher grades were constantly encouraging him and guiding him through his journey of learning the martial art. As we watched him attain his next level of learning, we witnessed a new sense of pride and confidence in our kiddo. What a treat to witness. Not only are the teachings thoughtful and as true to tradition as possible, beyond that, here, you feel like you’re part of a family 🙂

Lisa Breton


Just enjoyed another excellent weekend of grading and seminars with Sensei Fournier! As busy as he is, I really appreciate how he takes the time to visit us regularly in NB and help everyone out with their training! It doesn’t matter your belt level or age, he gives you his full attention! Thanks Sensei it was awesome and I look forward to training in your fantastic Fonthill dojo this summer!

Shelley Prendergast