A Sensei

For every ten thousand students that join a Karate class, half will drop out the first month. Of that five thousand, half will remain through the second month. Of those remaining students, one thousand will complete six months of training and then quit. Five hundred will study for a year, but only one shall go on to teach others what they have learned. For Karate is now part of his or her life and shall go on to share this life with others. Think about it, he or she is one in ten thousand.

The Sensei has walked the same path as his student. Herein lays the similarities. Obviously, he has chosen to continue and excel in his practices by travelling upon the “DO” (way) and his responsibility is to guide his students towards the same path.

During the learning process, students are taught in an unbiased way. Yet, as they progress in their abilities, the Sensei will expect them to continue to advance in their training. The Sensei is compassionate but firm to the beginner on the path.

In order for students to receive, appreciate and perfect the Martial Arts, they must gather in a comfortable and secure place. The Dojo offers them this liberty. It is in this environment that the Sensei can communicate his or her skill and knowledge to the students. It is also through these teachings that the students adapt their newly acquired techniques to the different aspects of their lives.


“BUDO” meaning “Martial Way”