Stage 3 Fonthill Dojo Training Requirements

  1. DO NOT come to the Dojo if you are feeling unwell.
  2. Please come to the Dojo in your Gi. Change rooms will be off limits due to “Physical Distancing.
  3. Masks must be worn upon entry to the Dojo. They can be removed once you are in the actual Dojo. Masks can then be tucked into your Gi or your belt.
  4. You must exit the Dojo using our “Side/Back” door. Follow the white arrows.
  5. Sanitize your hands upon entry to the Dojo.
  6. No gathering of students or parents before, during, or after classes.
  7. Classes will be 15 minutes shorter to allow us to disinfect the Dojo between classes.
  8. Please remain in your assigned area before and during class. Your spot will be marked on the floor or a mark on the mats.
  9. There will be no official group “Mukso” before classes.
  10. Classes will be split into several groups before class starts and the Sempai in charge will be responsible for informal opening and closing of classes.
  11. Please respect “Physical Distancing” at all times. Before/during and after classes.
  12. Please get to your class on time. It will make it easier to split groups and remain safe during these tougher training times.
  • We will do our best at the Dojo to protect all students following Stage 3 protocol.
  • Stage 3 protocol will remain in effect until further notice.
  • 4 months of membership has been added to everyone’s “Dues Owing”. I will put the list up at Dojo entrance point to the mats. First “Dues Owing” will be August 1st for some. These would be the students who had “Dues Owing” in either March or April.
  • Please be patient with this new way of doing things for now. We will try to improve on whatever we can as time goes on.

Have fun and enjoy your “Back to the Dojo Training”

Fonthill Dojo Stage 3 Schedule