Build confidence and control who you are

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness level or learn self-defence, Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts can help you achieve your personal goals.

Our philosophy focuses on balancing mind and body in the pursuit of personal values and excellence. Perfection of one’s character is the ultimate goal.

Thousands of students have trained at the Hombu dojo and the program continues to expand. Sensei Fournier and his Sempais are extremely knowledgeable and provide excellent one-on-one and group instructions for all ages and skill level.

Along with Sempai McDonough and Sempai Bach McClure, each Joe Fournier’s Martial Arts location creates a family environment where people of all ages, physical conditions, and martial arts experience can spend time together learning ancient and new techniques.


Winds blow, typhoons roar, worlds collide. Yet I remain undisturbed…nothing shakes me.

Kokusai Butoku Kai

IMPORTANT: Stage 3 Training Requirements at the Fonthill Dojo

What We Offer

We offer traditional Karate training supported by healthy modern practices, in a non-competitive environment.

Every class brings new knowledge while building on previous lessons and provides a combination cardio-vascular, core strength, and full-body workout.

Our dojo provides a space where all train as equals: families, adults and youth.

We provide guidance that may influence other aspects of your life and provide support that allows you to train to your capacity.

Free Trial

Prospective students are encouraged to come in for a free trial class before joining. Meet the instructors, visit the facilities and see if the experience meets your expectations. Please view our schedules then contact us to book a time.

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It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since we had to close our Dojo down again due to the Covid lockdown. Let’s hope that it won’t be too much longer. It will be great to see all the students back and training again. I think we all need some normality back in our life. I miss teaching everyone as much as I’m hoping your missing the Dojo. Sensei ... See MoreSee Less
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Really looking forward to seeing all the students back at the Dojo. This lockdown seems harder to endure then the last 2. Keep your spirits high and keep practicing on your own. Premier Doug Ford makes a business re opening announcement on May 20th. Let’s hope that we will be able to return training even if it is in a safe limited capacity like we were before the lockdown. Sensei ... See MoreSee Less
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Saturday April 24th at the Dojo in Fonthill. The Dojo is telling me it misses all of you. It’s been 3 weeks now. All this pictures needs are human beings wanting to train and find normality back in their lives. ... See MoreSee Less
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